79. Using GTD As A Project Manager – Interview With Carsten Nielsen

“Project Management is the facilitation of GTD for project teams” – that’s the starting point for Carsten Nielsen, certified GTD trainer for Vital Learning in Denmark and a project management teacher and expert.
In this episode, Lars interviews Carsten to learn more about the intersection between GTD and project management:
– What systems Carsten uses, both personally and with teams
– How he uses GTD as a project manager
– How he shares GTD and uses it e.g. in productive meetings

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78. Listener questions: Prioritization, AI assistants and e-mail management

Are we missing a prioritization step in GTD?
In this episode, we cover questions from Denmark, Germany and America regarding:
– Were does priorities come into play? What about the big picture?
– What’s your perspective on AI assistants in a GTD system?
– I have this pile of emails that just move from folder to folder – how do you manage emails in GTD?

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77. Investor Morten Klein and GTD

Morten Klein is a Norwegian Investor, Business owner, husbond and father and he loves Getting Things Done.
Morten learned early on that if you don’t control all the things you want to do they will control you.
How did learning about Horizon of Focus change Mortens relationship with his family, and with his company? And why did he stand up a board meeting because of a date he made with his grand child? Morten also shares how he turns his work on an off.

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76. Tools Check – In 2022

t’s time for another Tools Check-In episode!
We did an episode on this topic in 2021 – what does Morten and Lars use today? In this episode we cover:
– Hardware devices
– Capture tools
– Email, calendar, reference and miscellaneous including automations
..and much more! And we’d love to hear from you – what are your favorite tools/tips/automations?

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74. OKR And GTD with Jørn Arild Andenæs

n this episode Morten interviews Jørn Arild Andenæs from GEODATA in Norway.
Jørn Arild has been working in the intersection of Getting Things Done® (GTD) and Objectives & Key Results (OKR) and her shares his insights. Who better to shed some light on this interesting subject?
Jørn Arild is also the lead of the largest GTD Meetup.com group in the world. Nearing 1000 members the group offers a free community for learning from peers in Norwegian: The Oslo GTD Gathering: https://www.meetup.com/oslo-gtd-gathering/

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73. Managing Complex Projects

Do you have an example of a using GTD in more complex projects?
This episode is officially a listener questions episode, but the primary conversation dives into the launch of Vital Learning! The new company in the Nordics offering not only GTD but also other great Crucial Learning properties, which we really look forward to.

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GTD Summer Camp 2022

The post below describes the GTD Summer Camp 2022. To see information about the most recent/current Summer Camp information, please follow this link. GTD Summer Camp 2022 – June 18-19 The 2nd annual GTD Summer Camp will take place on June 18th and 19th 2022 in Denmark and we hope to see you there! Join

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72. Back From Vacation

We’re back from vacation!
And in this episode, Morten and Lars recap their vacations from a GTD perspective, including
– How did it go with “The full Lars”, i.e. staying offline from email (hint: Not as planned)
– How did they use GTD during their vacations
– What do they do to get back up to full speed after their breaks
..and much more! We’re happy to be back after the summer break and hope our reflections help your future breaks.

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71. GTD And Your Summer Holiday

How do you set yourself up for a great vacation?
In this listener episode, Morten and Lars walk you through how they prepare and engage with the GTD system in relation to vacations. They’ll cover topics before and during the vacation, such as:
– Strategies for calendar management
– Tips for setting Out of Office-mails
– Their differences in email handling during the vacation

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