51. Renewing Your GTD Practices After The Pandemic

Do you need to review your GTD practices post-pandemic?
As parts of the world are returning to more normal working conditions, your GTD system might need a tune-up to follow along! Listen to this episode to hear Morten and Lars’ takes on:
– How your projects list might need to be revisited
– How your lists of next actions could be impacted
– Handing on to good practices that you picked up while working from home

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50. GTD and Vacations

How do you use GTD when on vacation? Or after? ..or.. at all?
Listen to this episode to learn more about how Morten & Lars use GTD when on vacation:
– Which parts of GTD they use?
– Do they still do their weekly reviews?
– What about after your vacation – how do you get back up and running?

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Sign up for GTD Summer Camp 2021

The first annual GTD Summer Camp will take place on September 11th and 12th 2021 in Denmark and we hope to see you there! Read more and sign up below. Join us to take your GTD system and practice to the next level and enjoy an inspiring weekend with fellow GTD’ers and Trainers from the

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49. How GTD can help reduce burnout

It’s the last episode before our summer break and this is a special one!
This episode contains a longer interview recorded for GTD Connect® members. In this episode, you will hear from Getting Things Done® (GTD) author David Allen and three trainers from our global network, to discuss how GTD can help to reduce burnout.

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48. GTD for Hobbies and Housework

“This is just for managing stuff at work” is a common thought when first coming across GTD. But the practices are just as applicable for everything else going on in your life, including hobbies and chores!

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47. The life of a commitment

“Are there any Youtube videos/articles that provide a complete example for a tiny project?” was a question Lars struggled to answer on Reddit. So we decided to make an episode of it!

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46. Horrible GTD Systems

What does a horrible GTD system look like? Does that actually even exist?

From either a misunderstanding of the GTD best practices, or perhaps just a step on your GTD journey you haven’t yet reached, Morten and Lars have come across many different “horrible” systems, such as:

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