GTD Summer Camp 2022

The post below describes the GTD Summer Camp 2022. To see information about the most recent/current Summer Camp information, please follow this link.

GTD Summer Camp 2022 – June 18-19

The 2nd annual GTD Summer Camp will take place on June 18th and 19th 2022 in Denmark and we hope to see you there! Join us to take your GTD system and practice to the next level and enjoy an inspiring weekend with fellow GTD’ers and certified Trainers from the GTD community. We’re limited to 50 seats this year, so sign up quickly – you don’t want to miss it!


What is GTD® Summer Camp?

The GTD Summer Camp is a non-profit event organized by the Danish GTD Community Steering Group: Experienced Danish GTD’ers JensBirgitteMichael and Fedder, and Lars from GTDnordic Denmark.

Our vision for this year’s GTD Summer Camp is for it to be:

  • A great opportunity to hang out and enjoy a fantastic weekend with GTD trainers and fellow GTD’ers.
  • An inspiring weekend with presentations to take your GTD system and GTD practice to the next level.
  • An event that everyone is talking about and those who were not there are envious of.

The GTD Summer Camp 2022 includes

  • 1,5 inspiring days of presentations (in English), discussions, exercises, breakout sessions, and walk-and-talk.
  • All meals during the conference: Saturday lunch and dinner. Sunday breakfast and lunch. All served by the restaurant at Kobæk Strand Konferencecenter.
  • Accommodation at Kobæk Strand Konferencecenter from June 18-19 (single rooms).
  • Inspiring surroundings to get a mind like water and review/renew your GTD system and practice!

Morten Røvik presenting at GTD Summer Camp 2021

Who can you meet?

We are still working on the complete list of speakers and topics, so please do check in on this page every so often – perhaps use your (digital) tickler file for this? 😉

The currently confirmed list of speakers/attendees, besides all of the fellow GTD practitioners from across the world, from GTDnordic you can expect to see:

  • David Allen, author of Getting Things Done®, will join us virtually for a Q&A with all participants
  • Morten Røvik, certified GTD® Master Trainer and Coach from GTDnordic in Norway, produktivNorge
  • Lars Rothschild Henriksen, certified GTD® Trainer and Coach from GTDnordic Danmark
  • Carsten Nielsen, soon-to-be certified GTD® Trainer from GTDnordic Danmark
  • Anna Stina Næss, certified GTD® Trainer and Tiny Habits Trainer GTDnordic in Norway, produktivNorge
  • Paul Vahur, certified GTD® Trainer from GTD Estonia

..and many more!

You will also meet fellow GTD practitioners, including the organising group:

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to just hang out and chat with all of them and all the other participants!

When/where and what does it cost?

When? Arrival and registration starts Saturday June 18th at 9.00 AM. The scheduled events start Saturday at 9.30 AM and ends Sunday June 19th at 1:00 PM.

Where? GTD Summer Camp 2022 takes place at Kobæk Strand Konferencecenter (website in Danish/English), which is located at Kobækvej 85, 4230 Skælskør, Denmark.

What does it cost to attend? A key focus has been to keep the cost low, while ensuring comfortable surroundings for the conference. And like last year, we’re lucky and happy to share that all speakers are donating their time and paying to attend the conference – thank you!

Because of this, we’re happy to announce that you can attend both days, including accommodation, for just

2.200 DKK (plus VAT for Danish citizens)

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

We can’t wait to see you and be sure to sign up quickly! We have limited room this year, so be sure to book quickly if you want to save your seat – click “Tilmelding” below to start the sign up.

(signup removed as sign-up is no longer possible)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lars at

GTD Summer Camp 2021 participants

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