72. Back From Vacation

We’re back from vacation!
And in this episode, Morten and Lars recap their vacations from a GTD perspective, including
– How did it go with “The full Lars”, i.e. staying offline from email (hint: Not as planned)
– How did they use GTD during their vacations
– What do they do to get back up to full speed after their breaks
..and much more! We’re happy to be back after the summer break and hope our reflections help your future breaks.

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71. GTD And Your Summer Holiday

How do you set yourself up for a great vacation?
In this listener episode, Morten and Lars walk you through how they prepare and engage with the GTD system in relation to vacations. They’ll cover topics before and during the vacation, such as:
– Strategies for calendar management
– Tips for setting Out of Office-mails
– Their differences in email handling during the vacation

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69. Managing Recurring Projects

How do you manage recurring projects?
In this episode, Morten and Lars will walk you through:
– How Areas of Focus might be mixed up with recurring projects
– How you go about building checklists for recurring projects
– How they both use checklists for recurring projects in their systems, Apple Notes/Omnifocus and Todoist/OneNote
..and much more! You may want to watch this one (YouTube links below) as Morten shows his approach.

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68. Listener Questions: A Lightfooted Hand on Your System!

How would you organize huge amounts of project information?
In this episode, Morten and Lars picked 3 different listener questions covering various aspects of GTD:
– How would you organize information from building a hospital from the ground up?
– Can you move next actions to the Someday/Maybe list?
– Would you use one or two systems, when you recognize that your personal system will sometimes suffer, when things are busy at work?

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67. Path To GTD Mastery

What are the different levels in practicing GTD?
Listen to this episode to learn more about the different levels, including:
– The different stages of learning and implementing GTD
– The perspective of the 5 I’s for understanding where you are in your GTD implementation
– More tips on the GTD® Practitioner Competency Evaluation from episode 22
..and much more!

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66. Hybrid Meetings Survival Guide

What are best practices for hybrid meetings?
Listen to this episode to learn more about Morten and Lars’ best practices for hybrid meetings, including:
– How you might want to reorganize your next hybrid meeting
– How it might be helpful to have the meeting leader be a virtual participant
– Why you might want to check in with virtual participants before the physical ones

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65. Do You Have Too Much To Do?

How do you know if you have too much to do?

Before diving into the two listener questions for this episode, Morten and Lars briefly cover the GTD Summer Camp 2022, where we hope to meet many of you! (link below)

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64. Simplify Your GTD

Is your GTD too complex? Or too simple?
Listen to this episode to hear Morten and Lars dive into this topic, including:
– Are your lists attracting or repelling you?
– How could you perhaps simplify your lists and their content
– How e.g. your Areas of Focus can support simplifying your next actions lists

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