63. Worries – how can GTD help?

How do you deal with worries from a GTD perspective?
You might be worrying about some of the things going on in the world, so in this episode, Morten and Lars look at this topic including:
– A practical tip on worries from Finnish GTD® Coach and Trainer Jukka Backman
– A personal story from Morten that helped him put things into perspective

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62. Changing Your Habits

What are habits and how do they impact your GTD practice?

Listen to this episode to hear Morten and Lars’ takes on this topic, including:
– Diving into what habits consist of
– How habits impact each of the 5 steps in GTD
– Book tips for learning more about habits!

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61. Best practices for working from home

What are good things to reflect on when working from home?

Listen to this episode to learn Morten and Lars’ tips on working from home, including:
– The components in a good work-from-home cockpit
– What parts of your system might need to be adjusted to this new reality
– How you might want to support your mind in shifting from home to work-mode and vice versa
..and much more!

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60. Great meetings with GTD

What does a great meeting look like from a GTD perspective?

Listen to this episode to learn Morten and Lars’ experiences and perspectives when it comes to good meetings, including:
– The basic building blocks of a good meeting
– Tips on meeting notes
– How you (or others) might be multitasking in meetings, thereby significantly decreasing the meeting productivity.

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59. GTD Areas of Focus

A practical deep dive into Horizon 2: Areas of Focus and Accountability.

Getting this overview, both personally and professionally, really takes your GTD game to the next level. Listen to (or this time, perhaps you want to watch?) this episode, where Morten and Lars cover
– What your areas of focus might look like
– How this horizon interacts and impacts other horizons of your work and life
– How they are useful in both in your personal and professional “complex/messy/rich” life

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ep57 Listener questions #8: Project prioritization & sharing a GTD system

“Are we totally crazy for sharing a GTD system?” This question came from one of our listeners via email and it is a common question for couples practicing GTD – how do we share the system, what works and what doesn’t? In this episode, we’ll dive into this question as well another listener question on Projects/AOF’s/Goals and their priorities.

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56. Tools Check-In 2021

What tools do Morten and Lars use today as part of their GTD practice?

Listen to (or watch) this episode to learn about:
– What tools they use today for capturing and organizing
– How they use their tools differently from last year
– What new tools have made their way into their systems

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55. GTD & Mental Health

October 10th was World Mental Health day, so in this episode you’ll hear Morten and Lars discussing in-depth:
– The definition of Mental Health and how GTD relates to this
– What types of stress you can experience and where the optimal place to be is
– What to look for if you are concerned that you might be too stressed
..and much more.

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