40. Using GTD as a restaurant owner – interview with Allan Thallaug

How do you manage multiple restaurants and 60+ employees using GTD?

In this episode you’ll hear how restaurant owner Allan Thallaug came across GTD and details about
– What tools they use to manage the business
– How they have established and use higher horizons for the company
– How he steers employees towards using the appropriate communications channels

..and much more!

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Gratis LIVE GTD® Coaching Café!

Nordens to mest kendte GTD coaches, Lars Rothschild Henriksen og Morten Røvik, har valgt at starte 2021 med at tilbyde at coache dig helt gratis i vores kommende Live GTD Coaching Café! Lad os sammen se på, hvordan vi kan hjælpe dig på de områder, hvor du har de største udfordringer med GTD, så du kan blive

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38. Why I didn’t quit GTD with Jukka Backman

Why haven’t you quit GTD?

That topic recently came up in a conversation with Jukka Backman, partner and managing director for GTD in Finland. Triggered by the article in The New Yorker titled “The rise and fall of Getting Things Done”, we wanted to share some thoughts on this and similar articles in this episode.

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37. New Years Resolutions with GTD®

How do New Years Resolutions play into a GTD system?

In this episode you will hear Morten and Lars’ takes on:
– How these might look in a GTD system
– How micro habits can help you establish new habits and help you achieve your goals
– How to establish the Weekly Review as a solid base for your GTD practice in 2021

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