Lars Rothschild Henriksen

Lars er certificeret Getting Things Done® (GTD) Trainer, Level 1 og 2, certificeret GTD® Coach og direktør i GTDnordic. Gennem GTDnordic Danmark tilbyder han foredrag, kurser og coaching til alle med interesse for at lære “the art of stress free productivity”.

24. Using Affirmations as a GTD’er

What are affirmations, what are the benefits and how can you use them as a GTD’er?

In this episode, you’ll hear Morten and Lars’ perspectives on affirmations and learn how to use them yourself. You’ll get a lot of ideas for how to craft your own and also the different ways you can implement using them.

23. What it’s like to be a GTD Trainer?

What’s it like to be a GTD® Trainer? How do you become one?

In this episode, Morten and Lars will walk you through the steps in becoming a GTD Trainer, if you had ever thought about what that might look like. You’ll also be invited to join our upcoming Nordic Virtual GTD Meetup with Coaches and we also want to hear YOUR stories!

16. GTD & LEAN with Jonas Langeteig

In this episode, our special guest is GTD’er and LEAN fanatic Jonas Langeteig. He is head of The Lerøy Way Office and responsible for implementing GTD and LEAN at Lerøy. He is also a certified GTD Trainer for in-house seminars in Lerøy and he has some very interesting thoughts about the intersection between GTD and LEAN and how they fit together.

15. Tweak your GTD system

We know that GTD works but you also have to tailor it to make it work best for you. How do you do that? What can you tweak and what are common ways to do it? Listen to this episode to get tips for tweaking your system to make it work even better for you.

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