GTD Implementation Guide – PDF

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Step-by-step GTD® installation manual with detailed instructions, suggested supplies, and coaching tips.

This guide is recommend as a supplement to the Getting Things Done book, not as a stand-alone tool for learning GTD.

This Guide includes:
– Getting Started: Setting Up the Time, Space, and Tools
– Collecting: Corralling Your “Stuff”
– Processing: Getting “In” to Empty
– Organizing: Setting Up the Right Buckets
– Reviewing: Keeping Your System Functional
– Doing: Making the Best Action Choices
– Articles by David Allen
– Getting Email Under Control
– General Reference Filing
– Frequently Asked Questions

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I realized, after scanning through the Implementation Guide, that a mere “thank you” is not enough for making this available. The fact that the Guide itself is a list of to-do items is a GREAT teaching example, and I already see several places that I was just not understanding the idea clearly, before … so, THANK YOU. Thank you! — Winnie Kelly

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