36. Living in a digital world: Interview with Imran Rashid

In this last episode of 2020, we’ll shift our GTD focus slightly (just for an episode) and zoom in on how we live our digital lives. This episode features an interview with with Imran Rashid, Danish doctor, entrepreneur and author, to get a doctor’s perspective on what to be aware of in today’s digital world.

As GTD’ers, many of us are perhaps even more aware of the challenges that the digital world can bring, and you’ll hear Imran’s perspectives on:

– How “digital pollution” impacts our lives

– What the most important human skills are in a digital world

– What you should be aware of when working from home

– How to think about raising kids in a digital world

And much more…


– Imran’s website: https://ImranRashid.com

– Imran’s TedX talk “The Edge of Techsism”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bswhtT9Mkg

– Imran’s book “Offline”: https://www.amazon.com/Offline-Imran-Rashid-Soren-Kenner-audiobook/dp/B07NJGM8MS/

– Imran’s advice for healthy digital habits (in Danish): https://SundDigital.dk

We’re excited to bring you this slightly different episode and hope that Imran’s perspectives were useful for you? Perhaps some new projects or perspectives on using GTD will come out of it? As always, if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you via podcast@gtdnordic.dk.

And as usual, you can learn more about GTD in the Nordics at https://GTDnordic.com and find cool GTD gear at https://GTDshop.com!

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