14. GTD & Creativity with Emil Sunesen

Where do ideas come from and how can we use that in GTD? This special interview episode will dive into that topic with Emil Sunesen, practical creativity expert with a background in Digital Innovation and Management.

What are ideas? How can we better capture ideas outside the mind, e.g. when using the Natural Planning Model? And how do we brainstorm better, both individually and as a team, to come up with the best solutions?

Listen to this unique interview to learn more. And you can find Emil on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/emilsunesen) or email him directly (emil.sunesen@gmail.com).

And as always, if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you via podcast@gtdnordic.dk, you can learn more about GTD in the Nordics at https://GTDnordic.com and find cool GTD gear at https://GTDshop.com.

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